Three Simple Ways to Cut Office Expenses

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Successful business owners know that keeping expenses to a minimum is just as important as bringing in new business. However, it isn't always easy to cut down on your office expenses. After all, you have to pay your employees and provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, right? When it comes to cutting down your office expenses, you have to think outside the box. Focus on how you can save money on the items you do purchase instead of purchasing less supplies.

Get a Postage Meter

Don't pay full price for postage. Getting a postage meter from Canada Post saves you money on shipping. Businesses that use a postage meter get discounted commercial prices on Lettermail and Letter-post. You also receive discounts by using your postage meter in conjunction with Canada Post's Electronic Shipping Tools, which allows you to print your own shipping labels. While the cost of your printing supplies may increase slightly because you're printing your own shipping labels, in the long run the discounts you receive by using a postage meter saves you money.

Order Supplies in Bulk

Many companies allow you to save money on office supplies, such as printer supplies, paper, pens, and copy machine paper, by ordering your supplies in bulk. In fact, some office supply companies even have discount programs that businesses can use to cut costs.

In order to save money on office supplies, look for suppliers that offer a variety of products. For example, you could save a substantial amount of money by ordering your printer ink refill cartridges, printer paper, and copy machine supplies in bulk from the same company. In fact, even companies that don't offer a one-time discount on bulk supply orders might be willing to give you a discount if you have a standing bulk order that you place each month.

Keep Electronic Files

A good way to offset the additional cost of printing your own shipping labels is by eliminating unnecessary paper records. Instead, use spreadsheets and databases to track the information that you need electronically. Not only does keeping electronic files save you money on printing supplies, but it makes it easier for multiple employees to access the same information. This reduces the amount of errors and makes collaborating on projects simple.

Cutting office expenses doesn't have to be difficult. By getting a postage meter, ordering office supplies in bulk, and keeping electronic files, you can cut back on your office expenses without eliminating any one thing completely.


11 March 2015

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