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Whether you're looking to produce posters advertising your business or pamphlets designed to promote safe practices, it's important that the printing you pay for stands out in the way you want it to. While colors and fonts may seem like primary concerns, the paper that your products are printed on tends to be the first thing that your potential audience will notice.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of your options in paper selection from printing shops like Scan Copy Print Inc. With this information in mind, you can be sure that the products you order are produced in the exact way you've imagined them. This will guarantee that your message gets out and your printing is worth the investment.

Glossy Paper

If you want your finished product to have a shiny effect, selecting paper with the appropriate coat will allow that to happen. Gloss stock will allow colors to pop off the page and highlight the artistic design that you've put in to your information.

Glossy paper is particularly useful for brochures, as they tend to be light on written information and heavy on visual cues. It's also important for advertising posters that need to catch the eye of a potential consumer as quickly as possible, guaranteeing that they'll stop to examine what your company has to offer.

Matte Paper

If your printed materials rely more on written information than visual cues to convey your message to a potential audience, then matte paper is probably the right choice. A flat finish will cause printed text to pop off the page, drawing the audience's eyes and encouraging additional focus.

Matte finish also can be more easily applied to thicker blends of paper, allowing material such as cardboard and card stock to appear more refined. This can lend a distinct air of professionalism to printed products that may otherwise seem pedestrian or uninspired, and therefore offer your material additional credibility.

Bond Paper

For letterhead, certificates, and other official documents, bond paper is likely the right choice. Bond paper is blended to be thicker and more resilient than other kinds of paper stock, but also doesn't have a finish that may be distracting. Bond paper will allow your printed materials to appear both professional and consistent, and can also be an excellent way to reduce costs that may be associated with finished paper. This is especially important if your company is going to be printing large quantities of official documents on a regular basis.


1 April 2015

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