What To Expect From Your Computer Anti Virus Service

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When you utilize the service of a computer anti virus company for your home or business, you want to make sure you are getting the quality care you pay good money for. After all, there are nearly a million new malware viruses hitting computers every day, so yours is always at risk whenever you go online. Here are things you should look for in your current service provider to ensure you are getting the customer care you deserve.

Reliable tech support

You should be able to contact a tech support specialist via phone, chat, or other means at any time you are having an issue with your computer. This way, current viruses or issues with shutting down, lagging, or even kicking offline can be addressed quickly and in a helpful way. Make sure your computer anti virus service provider has a hotline number or other on-call contact service available so you can reach a rep when you need one.

Data backup

A virus can wipe your computer clean in an instant, taking your documents, files, software, and pictures. Prevent this from happening by ensuring that your anti virus service company offers a computer data backup plan as part of their regular service. This may require you taking your computer to a store or scheduling an appointment for a tech to come to your home so they can back up your system for you, but this feature can give you great peace of mind in case a virus does take your computer down.

Regular updates

Your computer anti virus software should automatically update whenever new features are added to keep your software and electronics safe. Your anti virus software may regularly update with new or improved features that you want to make sure you have, such as:

  • energy-saving modes
  • browser cleaners
  • threat detection improvements

Make sure the service provider you use allows you to have full access to their best computer security features automatically. This can be done by having a pop-up alert you when updates are available or by having these updates occur automatically on your account.

Your computer is important to you, and the more you use it, the more risk you take on when it comes to getting a virus. With the right computer anti virus service provider, you can enjoy safer use of your computer knowing you can reach out to tech support and ask for help whenever you need. Contact your anti virus provider to make sure you are getting the protection your computer deserves.


16 June 2016

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