Improving Security Through The Use Of Managed IT Support Services

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Is your company current on its cyber security practices? If not, you might want to consider the advantages associated with managed IT support. Managed IT services are able to deliver an entirely secured cyber security infrastructure that is maintained for your company. Even better, these services come at a low monthly cost rather than requiring an initial investment.

Conducting a Security-Focused Risk Assessment

An IT consulting service will be able to first conduct a risk assessment regarding your entire network. From there, they can highlight risks in your system and your procedures and give you advice on how to fix it. Many companies will experience a cyber attack or cyber security breach. The only way to protect against these attacks is to be proactive and minimize potential issues.

Utilizing the Newest Technology and Training

IT consulting services are able to invest a great deal in updating their security training and technology. Though it may be prohibitively costly for your company to upgrade its on-premise systems every year, a managed IT support service will provide continuously updated systems. Security is often a race between cyber criminals and security solutions; only the most current systems will be able to ward off the newest exploits.

Freeing Up Internal IT Staff

With most of the security maintenance either automated or managed for them, the internal IT team can be freed up to concentrate on other initiatives. Rather than having to maintain a full IT team, your company can instead focus on one or two experts who can better monitor and improve upon the security of your system. 

Achieving Better Responsiveness

When a cyber security breach does occur -- and sometimes it can be inevitable -- it will do as much damage as it is allowed. The faster is detected and mitigated, the fewer records will be stolen and the less overall damage will be done. Managed IT services are able to monitor a system 24/7, which may not be possible with an internal IT team. Consequently, they are able to respond much more quickly and swiftly mitigate the damage. 

Procuring Better Regulatory Compliance

In order to work with customers, managed IT services generally need to acquire certifications and meet certain regulatory compliance. If you're looking for highly secured systems, you can look for services that are cleared to work with public enterprises such as federal entities. This offers better regulatory compliance for those within highly secured industries, such as accounting or medical services.

Many companies are now moving towards managed IT services so that they can avoid taking on the responsibility of security and maintenance on their own. Not only do managed IT services improve security, but they also tend to reduce costs and administrative time. Contact a company like NetSpec to learn more.


29 December 2016

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