Four Concerns That Necessitate Dedicated IT Support

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Running a business that grows quickly means that you're busy. From production to marketing to network management, you may feel stretched thin from trying to handle all responsibilities effectively. If your business involves computers as most do, it's probably time to consider dedicated, accessible IT support you can depend on for assistance and problem-solving measures. If you're still on the fence about whether they're necessary, any of these concerns could make this support essential.

Time Management

From the time you start work until the time you head to sleep, you may be on call for any number of business questions and issues. If you notice that your days have been regularly taken up by tech questions, computer questions or active network issues you have to solve, that's time that isn't spent on growing your business. Even if there weren't other reasons for hiring IT help, this reason would be a good one. To complete company work, you might need to delegate tech work to experts.

Uncertainty About Equipment

Rapid growth doesn't always leave time for deep thinking. Your company may have started with one computer and printer, then more, and random purchases of software that you thought would help. You may begin to wonder whether your competitors have better tech equipment or if you've overlooked software that would be beneficial for your employees. Support from IT techs in your industry can assess and further advise you about what you should change.

Employee Turnover

If you've let some people go and have hired others, a ton of usernames and passwords may have been given out. As far as company security goes, this can easily become sloppy and dangerous. Ex-workers with nefarious aims might still have access to files, and anyone using their personal electronic devices could be logging in at strange hours that should be noticed and monitored. Access ought to be tracked by dedicated IT support people who can notice anything odd and maintain passwords and usernames for people you still have on staff.

Data Privacy

Even if the right employees are seeing sensitive documents, you still have to protect from outside actors. Hacking can happen at any time; you need to have support staff who update anti-virus software and multiple firewalls so that you aren't worrying that client data is going to get into the hands of those with less-than-good intentions.

Discuss support with IT professionals who understand your field, , such as at Eclipse Technology. They can better describe their services and plans so your own business remains safe and prosperous.


13 February 2018

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