6 Tips For Interacting With Customers On Social Media Platforms


A significant amount of digital marketing is now occurring on social media platforms. Social media platforms make it easier for companies to reach out to their customers one-on-one. Unfortunately, as has been seen in the past, it can also be easy for companies to quickly lose their audience's favor. Companies need to be extremely savvy if they want to build relationships with their customers without any large missteps. 

1. Respond Quickly

Customers are now used to being able to message corporate accounts and get a response back almost immediately. Whether you have to dedicate internal staff to your social media or hire a third party, fast responses are now critical.

2. Always Have a Professional Response

Some customers are natural complainers. Regardless of how baseless their accusations are, it's important to respond professionally. It's the response that matters. If people see you responding kindly to a rude message, they'll think more about your response then the initial accusation.

3. Try to Engage Them

Ask your audience questions. Launch polls or initiate surveys. Not only can you get valuable information from your customers, but you also increase their interactions with your brand. The more interactions they have, the more positively they'll remember your business. 

4. Don't Jump On Trends

Many PR disasters have been caused by jumping on trends before fully understanding them. As an example, a fast food chain suffered huge blowback for advertising on the hashtag "#WhyIStayed"; they didn't realize the hashtag was referring to domestic violence.

Take some time before responding to trends to understand the implications fully. Or, enlist the services of an online marketing company life REFRESH MARKETING to research appropriate trends for you.

5. Limit Access to the Accounts

When an employee logs into the wrong account, it can end up in a PR nightmare. Employees posting things to the wrong accounts have caused problems for national companies, and they could cause problems for you as well unless you seriously limit employee access. 

6. Remain Consistent

Interacting with customers, posting, and liking consistently is what's going to get you the most traffic and the most followers. Don't just complete your social media activity in short bursts; make sure that someone is regularly checking the account, posting new material, and interacting with other posts. Platforms have algorithms that identify the most active accounts.

Understanding your customer base is critical to having a good social media following. A good social media following will, in turn, contribute a great deal to your digital marketing and online marketing efforts.


17 June 2018

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