What IT Network Monitoring And Online Therapy Sessions For Kids Have In Common

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For the most part, online therapy sessions for children and IT network monitoring do not appear, on the surface, to have anything in common. Yet, you might be surprised to discover that they have a lot more in common than you might first expect. Take a closer look at the following.

Online Therapy Rooms

For several years now, companies have been developing software that occupational and speech therapists can use with kids in online therapy rooms and online therapy sessions. These rooms are closed to everyone except the therapist and the current patient. This helps to preserve confidentiality while maintaining the ability to provide youngsters with needed therapy regardless of the distance between the therapist and the patient. It is a monumental task, too, since these therapy rooms have to allow for onscreen activities, rapid internet speed, fast CPU speed, and face-to-face interaction like video calling. If any one of these components in the software or in the hardware used on either side of the viewing screen is failing, the therapy sessions will not work and therapy ends.

IT Network Monitoring

IT network monitoring comes into play when there is something amiss with the computer, the software, or the internet connection or modem. Network monitoring alerts users to the fact that there is something wrong, and it often tells you what it thinks is wrong. For example, when the therapy session is slow, it will flash onscreen that your RAM or your internet download or upload speeds are not enough to handle the onscreen activity. When the screen suddenly becomes scrambled pixels, your CPU may be failing, and the network monitoring will tell you that. Network monitoring can help you fix everything that is wrong and improve your capability of having online therapy sessions. 

Having Problems with Therapy Sessions Now?

If you have a child that currently receives online therapy from a licensed counselor and the online therapy room is doing weird or buggy things, you might want to sign up for network monitoring services. This service will pinpoint the problem, and then tell you what it is. Then, you can get some technical support help from an IT person in the office of the network monitoring company. It is worth the small price you pay to make sure that your child can continue to receive the therapeutic help he or she needs regardless of where you are in the world.


29 November 2018

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