Jack It Up! All Kinds Of Jacks And What They Do


There is your Grandpa Jack, your cousin Jack, and the little boy named Jack down the street, but none of them have anything on tech jacks. Technology jacks have been around since the earliest days of audio systems, and many more types of jacks have developed since then. If you need any sort of A/V jack or computer jack (and not a human Jack!), here are a few that are the most useful and what they do. 

Server Jack 

A server jack is a plug-in for your computer server. Your computer server applies a program across multiple computers, usually of which are all connected and serve a purpose, such as a customer service phone center. If you do not have a computer server, then you have multiple computers operating not as a "hive mind," but as single computers, which does not help the companies that rely on computers for daily operations. Furthermore, you cannot connect to a server without server jacks, so it helps to contact a communications company to help you set this up before you get the proverbial ball rolling on daily activities. Reach out to a company such as Rack Lift to learn more about server jacks.

Headphone/Phone Jack

If you work for any company that takes customer calls, you have to have a headphone/phone jack. These jacks are almost always built into laptops and desktop computers, but if you end up with any computers that do not have such a jack, you will need a computer technician to install it. This jack allows employees to plug into work computers, take calls, answer questions, and keep the majority of the conversation private because only the employees can hear the customers. A similar jack may be present with certain telephones, but then you will need an additional jack to plug the phones into the computer system. 

Audiovisual Jack

For training purposes, companies need A/V jacks. Employees can complete their on-the-job training at their own pace by plugging headsets into the computers and playing the training videos on their own screens. This reduces any background noise and helps keep the new employees up to speed when call times are slow or task lists are low. Most computers have at least one A/V jack, but if they are lacking, again it will require the assistance of a computer technician or an A/V specialist to install such jacks. Of course, you could have an exterior jack that plugs in by another means to the computer, and then the headphones plug into that accessory. 


25 April 2019

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