You Make the Call: 3 Advantages of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

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Telephone communication has evolved rapidly in keeping with the advancements of technology. Businesses have had to make significant strides to maintain a steady pace with these developments, particularly when it comes to maintaining regular contact with customers, suppliers and coworkers. If you've been considering an upgrade for your phone system and want something that will easily scale in response to business growth, consider the benefits of upgrading to a cloud-based telephone system.

1 April 2015

Three Simple Ways to Cut Office Expenses

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Successful business owners know that keeping expenses to a minimum is just as important as bringing in new business. However, it isn't always easy to cut down on your office expenses. After all, you have to pay your employees and provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, right? When it comes to cutting down your office expenses, you have to think outside the box. Focus on how you can save money on the items you do purchase instead of purchasing less supplies.

11 March 2015