Improving Security Through The Use Of Managed IT Support Services

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Is your company current on its cyber security practices? If not, you might want to consider the advantages associated with managed IT support. Managed IT services are able to deliver an entirely secured cyber security infrastructure that is maintained for your company. Even better, these services come at a low monthly cost rather than requiring an initial investment. Conducting a Security-Focused Risk Assessment An IT consulting service will be able to first conduct a risk assessment regarding your entire network.

29 December 2016

What To Expect From Your Computer Anti Virus Service

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When you utilize the service of a computer anti virus company for your home or business, you want to make sure you are getting the quality care you pay good money for. After all, there are nearly a million new malware viruses hitting computers every day, so yours is always at risk whenever you go online. Here are things you should look for in your current service provider to ensure you are getting the customer care you deserve.

16 June 2016

Important Tips For Protecting The Privacy Of Your Patients When Choosing An Answering Service For Your Medical Office

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In recent years, technological advances have significantly impacted the way that clients of many different industries expect to correspond with the companies with whom they need to communicate. However, an on-going concern continues to be protecting the privacy of clients, particularly when the communication relates to a health care situation. Therefore, when you are choosing an appropriate answering service for your medical facility, it is essential to consider the following concerns about patient privacy.

23 March 2016